publicity and pr marketing for contractors

Publicity & PR Marketing Produces Exclusive Contractor Leads

If you're a home services contractor, you should know that proper PR marketing is really important. Contractor Media is pleased to offer this vital service for a great price. When you sign on for our expert and affordable PR Marketing for Contractors services, you'll access so many tangible benefits.

Key benefits include getting new local contractor leads which will turbo-charge your profits and building a brand name which is synonymous with quality and premium customer service.

Today, we'd like to explain in a lot more detail why PR marketing is something that all contractors should invest in. After we detail the benefits of this form of marketing, we'll share information about each of the cost-effective publicity and PR marketing services that we provide.

Before we begin, you should know that our Contractor Media CEO, Bradley Benner, was once a contractor himself! He used his Web marketing finesse in order to drive traffic to his company…and make it very successful! When he decided to change lanes, he knew that offering his marketing skills to other contractors was the right decision.

Now, Bradley's assembled a team which shares the same passion for helping contractors to achieve their business potential.

Some marketing services are not just for contractors. Some are cookie-cutter services and we don't recommend choosing them. It's much better to access PR marketing and related marketing services from us. We understand what contractors need. This makes us the right choice for you.

What is PR Marketing for Contractors, Anyway?

PR marketing is a combination of a couple of important business functions. These two functions are public relations (PR) and marketing. PR marketing for contractors is designed to reach customers in the increasingly saturated online market. It's a hybrid form of marketing which builds awareness, as well as positive responses to contractor businesses.

Our PR marketing for contractors is innovative and it's all about helping contractors to reach prospective customers (sales leads), even when the competition is fierce.

How Do We Get Results?

We utilize the best PR marketing techniques in order to achieve excellent results for our contractor clients. Our trio of core services help us to generate publicity, news and media attention for contractors.

You've surely got some strong competitors in your town or city. You're probably fighting for business with these other companies on a regular basis. If you want to grab more market share in your niche, rather than watching your rivals get more new clients than you do, you need PR marketing for contractors. It's one of the most predictable and impressive ways to get more positive exposure online.

We know that fifty percent of mobile visitors utilize local searches in order to find businesses. If you want to rank strongly in local searches (and grab business from sales leads who do use their mobile devices in order to make spending decisions), you'll find that building your exposure online is a great way to do it.

Of course, building exposure will also help you to attract sales leads who do their local searches from their home computers. Google now handles a couple of trillion Google searches annually. Clearly, people are addicted to this practical search engine. When your company gets more exposure online, this new publicity will boost your Google search engine rankings and attract new sales leads. Without a steady stream of positive online content about your business, it may be difficult to make a splash with members of your community who do rely on Google for information about regional businesses.

New publicity online means backlinks for you and these backlinks are one of the elements that Google looks for when classifying companies in local search engine rankings. We're here to get you attention, backlinks and so much more. We want you to dominate in your niche. This is why we'll never do PR marketing or provide any other of our popular and reasonably-priced marketing services to another contractor in your town or city. We don't want to help companies which are competing with you. We want you to get more market share than they do.

Now, let's explore the features of our three core PR Marketing services for contractors services…

1.) Publicity, News and Media Attention

Brand recognition is impossible to build without publicity, news and media attention. Without sufficient exposure online, your company's brand will not be strong enough to entice new sales leads. We are here to ensure that your contracting company gets the attention that it needs and deserves. We know so many effective ways to spread the word about the quality, professionalism and caring customer service that your business provides. We use an array of platforms in order to shine a light on the strengths of our contractor clients.

This kind of work requires a lot of time, dedication and expertise. We know that most home services contractors are very busy taking care of everyday tasks which relate to running their businesses. This is why outsourcing your contractor PR Marketing to us is such a good idea. We're here to do the hard work for you. We want to take the pressure off of your shoulders.

We offer a PR Starter Kit for Contractors to help generate some publicity and get you started with PR marketing.

2.) Press Release Writing and Distribution (Syndication)

Every press release is a valuable piece of online advertising. However, all press releases are not created equal. If you want to benefit from press releases that create a lot of interest and media attention for your contracting company, you should contact the Contractor Media team today. We're standing by to write your press releases and distribute them at all of the right online locations. We craft spectacular press releases and then syndicate them to hundreds of big name news sites like Fox, ABC, NBC, Digital Journal, and hundreds more. It's all about getting important news about your company out there online, where plenty of people can find it.

Press release writing and distribution starts at $299. Contact us for more details.

3.) PR Outreach

PR Outreach is tricky. It's something that even seasoned entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to master. We've been doing it for years, so we have mastered it. We'll do it for you in order to give your company image more polish and panache. PR Outreach may also be called, “press pitching”. It's about reaching out to members of the press who may want to write about your company.

We have excellent press connections and we're able to leverage these press connections in order to help our customers. If you don't know a lot of journalists or which websites may want to feature you (and give you a nice backlink in the process!), then we are the people to call or email.

We'll put our extensive network of press contacts to work for your company.

Get In Touch With Us Today

Don't wait to generate publicity and mass media attention with our contractor PR Marketing services. There's really no time like the present when it comes to improving your the image of your company, with a mind to grabbing tons of construction leads.

When you contact us today, we'll offer caring and personalized customer service. Also, keep in mind that we help home services contractors every single day. It's all that we do. This means that you'll access high-caliber PR Marketing for Contractors which is tailor-made for your specific niche of the contracting industry.

If you want mass media attention and news features that are centered on your contracting company, we encourage you to connect with us today. We will make sure that your company shines in the eyes of prospective customers who use the Web in order to gather information about contractors in your area.