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Our Reputation Marketing Services Help Contractors Generate More Construction Leads

At Contractor Media, we believe in the power of a five-star business reputation. When you choose our established and respected company today, we'll help you to get more sales leads. We'll also make it much simpler for you to get impressive reviews from your customers in the future.

We help home service contractors. Every home service contractor should be focused on building a great reputation online and then marketing that reputation.

An excellent reputation is like money in the bank! It's currency which may be utilized in order to drive new sales and attract more social media engagement (such as “likes, shares, followers and comments). Good reviews create a snowball effect. The impact of good reviews helps to grow a home service contracting business like nothing else does!

Reputation marketing is also great for overall brand recognition.

One key feature of our service is that we help only one contractor from each city. We do this so that each client has an edge over his or her competitors.

We'll Help To Build Your 5-Star Reputation

The importance of reputation marketing really can't be overstated. Our “reputation management for contractors” services give entrepreneurs the power to boost their profits by highlighting the good reputations of their companies via promotional videos.

Contractor Media video marketing services were created by our CEO, Bradley Benner. He is a former home services contractor and the services that he's created are made just for contractors. If you're going to pay for reputation marketing help, you should always choose a company which understands the needs of contractors inside and out. This type of specialized knowledge makes all of the difference.

Since our CEO was a successful contractor who used effective reputation management in order to make his company respected and very profitable, we provide services which will make your contracting company respected and very profitable!

Benner decided to use his marketing savvy in order to help others. He loves showing other contractors how to polish their online reputations…and then reap the rewards of plenty of positive online feedback!

He knows that contractors need all of the help that they can get in order to stand out in their competitive niches. Our team is your best defense against online reputation problems. We're also the marketing team that you need by your side in order to push your business forward.

Let us help you defuse the negative impact of bad reviews and get the most from the good ones.

Contractor Video Marketing With Review Commercials

Video marketing is the hottest marketing gambit on the planet. People really respond to videos. We understand that video resonates with consumers, so we focus our reputation marketing services on helping our contractor clients to shine, via promo videos which really hit the target with consumers.

These days, one-third of all online activity is centered on watching videos. People love them and prefer them over other styles of marketing. Videos transmit information in a way that consumers find enjoyable.

Great video content is so easy to digest. It's a perfect blend of entertainment and information. From YouTube videos to Facebook Live videos to videos posted on the pages of business websites…people can't get enough of online video. They use it to make spending decisions.

When you choose us, we'll show you what superb video marketing for home service contractors is all about. Our services will allow you to get direct feedback from your existing customers. We will also show you how to get a handle on what your clients think about your contracting firm…and teach you how to convert unhappy customers into happier ones!

As well, we'll let you know how clients who give positive reviews may be turned into powerful “re-marketing” tools.

Lastly, we'll show you how to gather loads of new referrals and tons of brand-new customers!

Does Contractor Reputation Marketing Sound Good To You?

If you want this kind of help, you're on the right track! You're doing what is best for your business. We offer a free Video Marketing Blueprint to newcomers. Just fill out the form here and get the Video Marketing Blueprint sent to you immediately.

Our customers choose us because they want a consistent supply of new leads. They know that our video marketing services are the best way to get these valuable leads.

Our contractor Review Commercial service creates videos which showcase the reputation and trust of your contracting company.

If you're not a marketing expert and your home service contracting business isn't getting the leads that it needs in order to survive and thrive, you should know that hiring Contractor Media today will be the best money that you ever spend! We're here to promote your company in just the right way.

We love hearing from contractors, so please contact us to begin building, managing and marketing your 5-star reputation.