Video Marketing For Contractors

Get The Word Out With Video Marketing for Contractors

At Contractor Media, we help home services contractors to make more money and build their brands. We know that polished and professional video marketing for contractors is the key to growing companies. This is why we help our contractor clients to make the types of videos that really hit the target with prospective and returning customers.

Why Choose Our Services?

Video is, without a doubt, the best way to reach your target audience. It's easy for people to digest, it's now more popular than ever before and it's the key to boosting profits. However, you don't need to take our word for it! The statistics speak for themselves.

In 2017, eighty-two percent of Twitter users view video content via their own Twitter feeds. YouTube features a user count of over one billion people, which is a third of all Web users. Forty-five percent of people view more than sixty minutes of YouTube or Facebook videos each and every week.

These statistics are the reason why eighty-seven percent of Web marketers rely on video content in order to get new leads, spark engagement and access stronger brand recognition.

If you're not using video marketing to best advantage (or using it at all!), you're missing out. However, it's certainly not too late to turn things around. We are here to help!

Improve Contractor Lead Generation With Video

When you sign on for our video marketing services, you'll find that our services offer you superlative ROI (return on investment). The videos that our Contractor Media team help you to create will allow you to build trust and rapport with a huge pool of consumers. You'll find that our services increase your lead generation, conversions and sales, while also strengthening your Google search engine rankings.

As well, our contractor video marketing services will help you to attract mobile device users and build a bigger buzz on social media platforms. Last, but not least, you'll find that our services give you the capacity to turbo-charge your email marketing campaigns. People are ninety-seven percent more likely to click on emails when there is video content included.

These are big benefits! All of these business-building advantages will be at your fingertips when you hire our company today.

Let Us Do the Hard Work For You

You work hard and wear many hats. Home service contractors have a lot of daily work responsibilities and you're probably also juggling family responsibilities and trying to enjoy a bit of downtime for hobbies, or just for relaxation.

When you let us help you with video marketing, we'll take the pressure off of your shoulders! We'll give you the expert advice and assistance that you need. You'll know that you are doing all that you can to polish and perfect your Web marketing strategy.

Our rates are so affordable and we will offer caring and personalized service which is customized just for your business. Our CEO, Bradley Benner, was a contractor himself…and he made plenty of money while he ran his contracting business. He used his Web marketing savvy to bring in lots of customers and establish his brand.

Now, he shares his marketing wisdom with home services contractors all over the world. Why not let him share everything that he knows about effective video marketing with you?

We offer the right services for competitive rates. Choose one or more of our services in order to achieve your own potential as a home services contractor.

Which Video Marketing Services Are Best For Contractors?

We offer a trio of core video services. Choose one, two or all of them in order to achieve your potential as the go-to contractor in your city. Now, we'd like to share details about each of these practical and cost-effective services.

Contractor Video Production

Videos need to have high production values in order to resonate with key demographics. When you sign on for our video production services, we'll ensure that your videos look and sound amazing.

We know all of the tricks of the trade, including which level of zoom is best, how to create ideal white balance for truer color clarity, how to record sound to best effect and how to give videos a distinct brand signature. This just scratches the surface, so why not connect with our skilled and experienced Contractor Media video production experts today?

We produce videos which help our clients to edge out even the most successful competitors! Also, our video production services include review commercials. We're known for these types of commercials. They help our clients to market their five-star reputations online, via crisp, vibrant and entertaining video.

Video SEO For Contractors

Making a great video is important, but it's really just the beginning! Each and every video needs to be optimized in order to boost search engine rankings. When you choose us for video SEO (search engine optimization), we'll make sure that your videos attract the attention of Google “bots”. These bots trawl the Web, looking for ways to classify and rank content.

If you've dreamed of getting on the first page of Google results for your preferred keywords, choosing our video SEO services will be the best way to make your dreams come true. We know so many ways to optimize videos for SEO, including the usage of rich Metadata, top-notch transcriptions and short video previews for YouTube.

You deserve this kind of video SEO support. Paying for it won't cost too much and it will pay for itself in terms of making your home services contracting company easier to find online.

YouTube Advertising (AdWords for Video PPC)

YouTube Pay Per Click marketing is very affordable. It's a great way to get more traffic and leads and it costs a lot less per click than other PPC platforms.

When you hire our company, we'll help you to create an AdWords for Video PPC which drives your company forward. We understand the ins and outs of this popular PPC system and we'll be here to ensure that your YouTube PPC campaign really shines.

When you choose us, you'll get better results from your campaign, because we will go the extra mile to make sure that it's tailored to the wants and needs of the types of people who are looking for home services contractors online.

Without our support, your PPC campaign may not gain sufficient traction.

We know how to segment YouTube searches from In-view videos. We also know how to create remarketing lists, keep budgets for these campaigns small and measure vital metrics which measure campaign success. There is so much that we can do for you!

Please Contact Us Today

We are standing by to offer you comprehensive services for low prices. We bring years of experience, technological know-how and creativity to the table. As well, we specialize in helping home services contractors. It's all that we do!

You should know that we only help one contractor in each city. We do this so that our clients have the chance to move their companies forward. We will never provide the same business-boosting services to your local competitors.

Web marketing which has a video focus is increasingly complex. A lot of home services contractors struggle to do their own video marketing. They simply don't have the right skills or knowledge. We are right on the cutting-edge. We know the latest video marketing trends, as well as tried-and-true video marketing techniques. We know what works and we want to share our expertise with you today.

Now that you know more about our video marketing services, why not contact us today? When you do, you'll be primed to get massive exposure for your contracting business, through the substantial power of skillful video marketing!